Ofline double tables PCB Milling Cutter & Saw Blade Compound Cutting Machine

Short Description:

Realize unmanned production, suitable for cutting with a thickness of 0.5-3.5mm, with V groove, stamp hole, and surface connection

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✧ Features

1. Double-station stress-free cutting.
2. Precise positioning of MARK points.
3. Imported visual color high-definition industrial camera, automatic camera.
4. Imported high-speed electric spindle.
5. Double-station high-efficiency cutting.
6. Cooperate with other automation equipment to realize unmanned intelligent "PCBA circuit board" sub-board integration. Scope of application: Widely used in computer digital, automobile industry, 3C digital/home appliances and other industries. High cutting efficiency, strong stability, high safety, and long-term stable use, it is a new concept splitter with high quality and high cost performance.
7. WIN7 system, Chinese and English interface
8. Simple and fast operation
9. Accurate positioning, short programming time
10. Three-level login authority

✧ Technical Parameter

Operating mode offline
Number of workbenches Double station 360 degree rotation
cut size 350*350mm dual platform
Axis control method PC industrial computer
Motor drive AC brushless servo motor
Man-machine operation and data storage PC system
Cutting speed (adjustable) 0~100mm/s
Spindle speed 20000-60000rpm
Machine Repeatability ±0.02mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.02mm
PCB maximum thickness 3.5mm
host voltage 220V 50HZ 1P
equipment power 5 KVA
Dust collection method upper dust collection
Dust collector voltage 380V 50HZ 3P
working pressure 0.4-0.6mpa
Machine size L1080*W1100*H2200mm
weight 765kg

✧ Packaging & Shipping


Wooden packing


Wooden packing

✧ Transport Way

→By air:for sample and small package, international express like DHL, UPS, EMS...
→By sea: for large package and quantity;
→ Other ways as customer requested.
Delivery Time:
→ Within 35 Days.

✧ Company Information

about us

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✧ Trademark & Patent

Xiangjie Technology has obtained a number of invention patents, more than 30 practical patents and a variety of high-tech products.




✧ Our Service

PCB/PCBA cleaning equipment, FPC cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment, automatic milling cutting equipment, pulse soldering equipment, FPC cable soldering equipment, automatic screw machines, automatic dispensing machines, industrial robots, loading and unloading board machines, receiving and sending board machines, PCB/PCBA cleaning equipment, and peripheral non-standard automation customization are just a few of the products that Xiangjie Technology specializes in. These products are frequently used in computer digital equipment.

Xiangjie Technology has obtained a number of invention patents, more than 30 practical patents and a variety of high-tech products.

In overseas markets, XONJE has served more than 30 countries and regions, and established a sustainable marketing service network. XONJE has become one of the largest PCB cutting machine exporters in China

Customization:Provide customized PCB circuit board cutting and circuit board soldering solutions for your industry

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