Floor Double-head Multi-station Pulse Soldering Machine

Short Description:

1 .According to different products, the heating speed can be adjusted.
2. Welding joints of special materials ensure that the product is balanced under pressure.

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✧ Features

This machine is suitable for various high-density TAB, TCP crimping and FPC, FFC, TFT and PCB solder crimping. It has adjustable heating speed according to different products, and welding joints of special materials to ensure the product is evenly stressed. It is equipped with vacuum function, making it easier to adjust the alignment. The temperature is numerically controlled, clear and precise, with touchscreen operation, Chinese and English display interface, PLC control, and simple operation. It is also equipped with a digital pressure gauge, with the pressure range able to be preset. SMC precision guide rail cylinder is used, with high pressing precision, and the product with solder joint spacing of 0.5mm can be welded. It has turntable double-station operation, welding of the inner jig, and the operator putting the product on the outer jig, with fast speed. It is also equipped with high-definition CCD magnification and high-definition display alignment check to prevent defective products and ensure the product welding is completely correct.

*Solder connection between FPC and PCB and connectors.
*Connection between ACF and PCB and connectors.
*Connection between TAB and PCB and connectors.
*Connection between TFT and PCB and connectors.
*Solder connection between FFC(flexible flat cable) and PCB and connectors.
*Solder connection between zebra paper and PCB and connector.
*Solder connection between ultra-fine coaxial cable and PCB and connector.
*Solder connection of enameled wires such as hard disks.resistors,capacitors,coils,transformers,IC cards,etc.
*Solder connection between battery pole piece and PCB and connector.
*Soldering connection of winding terminals of small motors. Resin thermocompression bonding for relays, printers,glasses, etc.

✧ Technical Parameter



Positioning fixture


Working area


Use voltage

220VAC 4.5KW

working pressure


Machine weight




✧ Packaging & Shipping


Wooden packing


Wooden packing

✧ Transport Way

→ By air:for sample and small package, international express like DHL, UPS, EMS...
→ By sea: for large package and quantity;
→ Other ways as customer requested.
Delivery Time:
→ Within 35 Days.

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Xiangjie Technology has obtained a number of invention patents, more than 30 practical patents and a variety of high-tech products.





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