Online PCB Vision Milling Cutting Machine

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This device is suitable for the cut-board of the PCB board after the plug-in Work;

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✧ Features

1. Double platform stress-free cutting.
2. Precise positioning of MARK point.
3. Imported visual color high-definition industrial camera, automatic video.
4. Equipped with automatic tool changer.
5. Imported high-speed electric spindle.
6. Double-platform high-efficiency cutting.
7. Cooperate with other automation equipment to realize unmanned intelligent "PCBA circuit board" cut-board integration.
8.Scope of application: widely used in computer digital, automotive, 3C digital/home appliances and other industries. With high cutting efficiency, strong stability, high safety, and long-term stable use, it is a high-quality, cost-effective online curve dividing machine with a new concept.


✧ Technical Parameter

Operating mode Online
Number of workbenches Double workbench
Cutting size 300*350mm
Axis control method PC Industrial Computer
Motor drive mode AC brushless servo motor
Human-computer operation and data storage PC system
Cutting speed (adjustable) 0~100mm/s
Spindle speed 20000-60000rpm
Machine repeatability ±0.02mm
Cutting accuracy ±0.02mm
PCB maximum thickness 3.0mm
Equipment voltage 220V 50HZ 1P
Equipment power 5 KVA
Dust collection method Lower dust collection
Dust collector voltage 380V 50HZ 3P
Working pressure 0.4-0.6mpa
Machine size L1800*W1500*H2200mm
Weight 865kg

✧ Control System

(1)WIN7 system, Chinese and English interface
(2)Simple and fast operation
(3)Accurate positioning and short programming time
(4)Level 3 login authority

✧ Mark Positioning Correction System

It can make line change and jig change more concise and precise, and can effectively prevent the board from not being placed in place during online production, or the product being cut due to mixing of materials. Since your companys products may be processed on both sides, the standard mark point has only one side, so the correction action is indispensable, and the mark points that can be used are usually irregular in shape and shape; it is easy to report errors or offset offsets. According to the previous experience, our company has greatly improved the recognition pass rate and compensation accuracy by adopting the smart camera upgrade algorithm and special light source.

✧ Mark Positioning Correction System & Electric spindle

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The maximum speed of the electric spindle can reach 100,000 rpm

✧ Automatic tool change

During processing, it can be set to detect each step or each piece of cut PCBA detects whether the tool is broken.Prevent the repeated cutting caused by the tool breaking in use in time.

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The maximum speed of the electric spindle can reach 100,000 rpm

✧ Visual System


High pixel color digital camera and large magnification lens can assist program teaching and editing simulation functions. Automatic MARK positioning correction system.

Mark point correction principle

The position of the mark point of the PCB board and the connection point that needs to be cut is physically fixed. When editing the cutting path, after defining the mark point, the edited cutting path is bound to the relative position of the mark point. When the PCB board is biased, the position of the mark point will change with the PCB board. When the camera scans the mark point, it will automatically calculate the offset, and then compensate it in the cutting path.

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✧ Product transfer platform

The product platform modular servo control system has extremely high stability, and the cutting accuracy can reach ±0.01mm, which can meet various cutting needs and ensure production quality.


✧ Apply To


The circuit board whose components cover the V groove can be cut by a PCB saw blade cutting machine,Turn the board over then cut


LED aluminum substrates are not easy to cut with ordinary blades, and saw blade cutting can solve this problem

✧ Machine Structure


✧ Accessories

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Product Suction Cup

Milling cutter

Product fixture

✧ Packaging & Shipping


Wooden packing


Wooden packing

✧ Transport Way

→ By air:for sample and small package, international express like DHL, UPS, EMS...
→ By sea: for large package and quantity;
→ Other ways as customer requested.
Delivery Time:
→ Within 35 Days.

✧ Company Information

about us

✧ Exhibition


✧ Trademark & Patent

Xiangjie Technology has obtained a number of invention patents, more than 30 practical patents and a variety of high-tech products.




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