The Principle, Structure and Application of Pulse Welding Machine

1) Hello everyone, I am Alan from Xiangjie Technology, and today I will introduce a powerful pulse welding machine, which is also called hot-press welding machine, Hotbar welding machine and so on.
2) The principle is to load a certain pulse voltage on the welding head through the transformer above the machine, so that the welding head heats up to the specified temperature, and maintains a constant temperature, and then cools down quickly , and finally achieves the purpose of soldering.
3) The equipment is mainly composed of welding head, product entry and exit platform, CCD magnifying lens, high-definition display, temperature control system and PLC control system.
4) The welding head is customized with special metal to ensure that the product is evenly pressed and heated, and to ensure the quality and stability of every welding.
5) The temperature control part adopts the temperature control system of Japan's Yamatake, which can accurately control the temperature to ±1°C, and the heating time and temperature can be set freely.
6) Equipped with a digital pressure gauge, the pressure range can be preset through the knob, and the pressing accuracy is high to avoid crushing the product.

7) Dual platforms and dual welding heads can perform independent welding operations. During the welding process, two sets of temperature curves are displayed in real time, and the temperature of the welding heads is truly fed back.
8) Equipped with a CCD magnifying glass, which is convenient for alignment inspection when placing the board and effect inspection after welding.
9) The welding machine can store 100 kinds of welding programs to meet the welding needs of different products.
10) The welding process is generally completed in 1-8 seconds, plus the heating and cooling time, a comprehensive 12-15 seconds to complete a cycle.
11) It is suitable for welding of ultra-fine coaxial cable (I-PEX), welding of FPC, FFC and PCB, ACF connection of LCD and TCP, welding of various coils, Teflon wires, terminals and wires, heating riveting of plastic and many more.


Post time: Feb-02-2023