Efficient FR4 PCB Separator for Precise Circuit Board Cutting - Buy Now

Guangdong Xiangjie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading FR4 PCB separator manufacturer, supplier and factory from China that is dedicated to delivering premium quality and innovative solutions for the electronics industry. Our FR4 PCB separator is a high-precision machine designed to separate multiple PCBs, even those with pre-scored V-cuts, quickly and accurately while minimizing stress on the PCB. This FR4 PCB separator has unique features that provide efficient and safe operations, such as a powerful air flotation system that ensures gentle handling of the PCBs, adjustable conveyor speeds for different PCB sizes, and user-friendly controls for easy operation. Additionally, it reduces costs and increases productivity by eliminating the need for manual separation, enabling the user to cut down on manual labor and increase their throughput. Our FR4 PCB separator is ideal for electronics manufacturers who require high-quality and reliable equipment for separating PCBs. Our team of experts ensures that our products are manufactured using the latest technology and superior materials to meet our clients' needs. Choose Guangdong Xiangjie Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. as your PCB separator manufacturer and supplier for innovative and advanced solutions.

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